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just breathe.....

Hi everyone, I was thinking about how incredibly busy I have been lately, and how I am not the only one. I find that everyone surrounding me seems to be in the same boat. This is not at all a a complaint, I prefer to keep busy. That being said there seems to be less and less time for relaxing. But there are ways to fit that in! I just thought I would share some of the things I like to do. I always look up to the sky. I love to see the stars and moon during the evening and early mornings. When I walk my dog I love to see the brilliant blue of the sky, or the different shape of the clouds. If it's raining I watch from inside, especially thunderstorms, I love thunderstorms. They can be beautiful with all that lightning streaking across the sky and the heavy rains crashing down and cleaning all the dirt and dust away. And snow, those big white fluffy snowflakes, and how they cover the trees. oh and the sound of birds singing. All the while taking in deep calming breaths. I guess what I am trying to say is there is so much beauty all around us that we can take in and enjoy whenever and wherever we are, even when we are so busy we don't think we have the time.

Til next time,


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