There is still time!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well :) 2 days left to get your bookings in and have a free reading for yourself! I still have openings for the weekend of December 16th or you can book for January as well. I know how busy the holidays can get. Til next time, Lynn

A positive start!

Good Monday morning everyone! I hope it's a positive start and one that continues through the whole week, for all of us! Til next time, Lynn :)

Lest we Forget

To all who have served and are serving...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Positive energy

Good Monday morning everyone. I just wanted to send a quick message of love and positive energy to all of you. Even though sad and unfathomable things are happening we must not let that negative energy take over. We need to push negativity out and let love and positive energy win. Have a great week everyone! Til next time, Lynn


Happy Friday everyone! I am very excited about how things are progressing. There are a few glitches (all on me, but I'm getting there :D) Thank you for bearing with me! Have a great weekend, Til next time, Lynn :)

Get to know me

Hi everyone, This is my first ever blog, I hope it doesn't show too much LOL! Ever since I started on this journey of mine I have had a lot of support from my amazing friends and family. I've already told you about my husband. My daughter, who has a knack for writing, is going to look over what I write here to make sure I don't make a fool of myself (a BIG task for her hahaha :D) The very first thing I learned was I must practice, and then practice some more. I was very lucky because most of my friends and family helped me out. One person in particular has been there for me EVERY time I had something new to try or just because I wanted to practice more. My good friend and I am happy to say,


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Disclaimer* due to current legislation I am required to inform you readings are for entertainment purposes only. Session times are approximate

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