A Little about Regression:

Hi Everyone, Thank you for visiting my page!   I'd like to share some of the  healing properties of a regression with you. 

This fascinating healing modality  is unique to each of us as our journeys  are different. Even though we are all connected, we each have a role to play and lessons to learn.

                                                                                                       Past Life Regression:

Past life regression allows you to travel back in time to discover  why you have certain phobias  or hidden talents. There are so many things to explore. Have   
 you  ever    wondered why you have been plagued by unstable relationships, have troubles with your weight or    struggle with low self-esteem? All of this can be accessed simply  by relaxing and allowing your soul memories to emerge. Sound easy? It is!

                                                                                                     Future  Life Progression:

If  you are uncertain about which path to pursue or where your current path will lead you,    You can access this information with a future life   progression session. Our souls  are not governed by linear time. This allows you   to visit your future in this life as well as your future lives, enabling you   to see the karmic outcome of decisions you   make now.

                                                                                                   Between Lives Regression:

Once you have experienced a past life    regression. you can then delve  into a between lives regression therapy.   In a between lives regression,    you can converse with your spirit guide, discover   your soul group and meet with your soul council.   This will allow   some insight  into the choices that you've made and the reasons behind them. 

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Talk soon :)