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Mother's Day

Hi everyone,

As Mother's Day fast approaches, I found myself thinking about years gone by. When I was a new Mother I thought, this is cool! A day just for me! Well I couldn't have been more wrong lol. There is a hierarchy that had to be followed. It was actually my Grandmother's day and we all followed her desires, which inevitably included KFC, which is truly not my favorite. At the time, I am sure I voiced my reluctance to spend MY day in this fashion. But truth be known, it WAS my day. I got to spend it with my amazing Grandma, my wonderful Mom and my very own daughter! And the terrific men in our family as well. I was very blessed. Looking back there is no other way I would've wanted to spend those very special Mother's Days. My Grandma has since passed and I miss her, but I smile at all the memories we created together. Now it is my Mom's turn, and I know the memories we make I will treasure, even if she picks KFC lol. If I can pass on some advice to my daughter it is this. Treasure the memories that you make, they are priceless. Thank you Grandma, and Happy Mother's Day <3. And Happy Mother's Day to all of us Mothers!

Til next time,


but that got me nowhere. Well, my Grandmother has since passed and I find myself missing those KFC moments. They were filled with laughter, food, jokes and good times. I have since realized that it was MY day after all and I wouldn't give up my memories for anything

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