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My son-in-law said it was time for a new blog entry!

Hi everyone!

We are already a third through 2023. For me, it felt like it flew by!

I realized that I haven't written a blog since the first of this year and thought it was time to reach out.

We have lived on this beautiful Island for almost a year now (10 and a half months to be exact) and we love it more and more with each passing day.

I am overwhelmed at the response to my business. I wasn't sure what to expect once we moved here. I didn't know how my healing modalities would be received here. But I have met so many wonderful people, and many have come to my healing room! I am also very happy to have returning customers from down south as well! I am so grateful to be able to help you all and am thankful for the opportunity and for your faith in me!

I'm not going anywhere, so if you decide to come see me, I'll be here! For many years, as long as I am able!

This is my passion and I love sharing my space and modalities with you!

Keep a lookout, coming soon on my webpage will be pictures of my healing room! I'm excited to show it off!

Til next time,

Love and light



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