As I sit here today reminiscing about time gone past, I realize that I am not sad that so many years are behind me, but happy that I have my memories of the time gone before. You see, today is my daughter's birthday. 20 years ago today, at 7:42 pm to be exact, my life forever changed for the better. I often say "where did the time go? I swear all I did was blink!" and it certainly feels that way. I also say things like "I don't have time" or "there is not enough time" but I am wrong. I am blessed to have had as much time as I have had. So much has happened, and I got to spend time with some amazing people. Even right now, I am taking the time to write this blog. So when you "find the time" to remember time gone past, do it with a smile instead of regret.

Til next time,

Lynn :)