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aaahhhh books!

Hi everyone!

I just got home from the library, one of my all time favourite places! You just can't beat a book, the smell, the feel, the pages, the heft of them. I know that you can find information on the internet and many people like the kobo e-readers, but for me I want the tangible book. I own many books, they are all over the house. My bookcase, my closet, my dresser, everywhere. Much to my husband's dismay lol.

Even with all the books I own, it's not enough. I want more! I even bought one while I was at the library!

When I am immersed in a book, I am swept away to another place and time, or learning new and fascinating things. I open a book and my anticipation rises, it's exhilarating!

Do you feel the same way?

Well, my books await! I'm off to read now!

Til next time :)


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