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Hi everyone!

In just a few short hours winter will be over and spring will begin! Spring is wonderful isn't it, with the new growth, fabulous smells, the earth, the rain, the flowers, the grass. The days continue to grow longer, the weather starts to warm up. All in all we are heading into a very nice season!

There is something great in all the seasons. I look back on winter with a smile. Christmas being my favourite holiday of the year, the family all together, the food, the decorations.

Even though this year is only a few months old, it's been an interesting one to say the least. With the Covid-19 pandemic we have all been affected, but not all in a bad way. Yes, most of the events have been cancelled, and I am not having customers to the house at the moment ( I am still available for online or phone readings during this time). But I am finding people are coming together. My neighbours have been out walking, things are quieter, we have had more family time. I've also found time to read, as well as get the spring cleaning done. This time of being made to slow down has been a gift.

I am praying and sending healing energy to the people afflicted with this awful virus, but I remain ever grateful for the downtime that has occurred because of it. I love hearing the wonderful stories of people singing from their balconies and helping each other. There have been so many happy stories of people spreading love, and our earth healing.

I hope, moving forward that the good that has come from this horrible virus will stay with us all and we continue to support each other, and enjoy this beautiful world we call home.

Til next time,

Lynn :)

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