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Hi everyone!

So I noticed that the gardens are looking a little overrun. Okay, a lot overrun lol, and think, I had better do something about that!

As I'm working in the very hot sun, (yes, I hear the whining...) I stand back to have a look at my handiwork.

Hmmm, it looks like I missed a few. No big deal, I go back and pull the ones I missed. Turns out I missed quite a few!

There, got em! Feeling accomplished I once again stand back to admire my hard work.

I can't believe my eyes....I still missed some! (sigh) Well now I'm miffed, these weeds are not going to get the better of me!

Back to work I go.

I stand back knowing I got them all this time!

Nope....this is when I start to realize that it's like cleaning up after a toddler, they ARE going to get the better of me. There is no winning against these tireless weeds!

I surrender! They win....this time.....but I will return, and be victorious!!!! I hope.....

Til next time,

Lynn :)

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