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How does a Past Life Regression work?

Hi everyone!

Just recently I have had a number of people asking about Past Life Regressions, such as what does it entail? and how does it work? So I thought I would write a blog with some information for all of you who are interested :)

We all carry memories, feelings and triggers from events or circumstances that took place in our past lives. Some of the ways they show up are as phobias, dislikes, aversions, hidden or unexplained talents, attraction or deja vu.

When you regress, you have the unique opportunity to safely discover these aspects of yourself by revisiting the root cause of your issue. Once you understand the origin of a particular issue, you are then able to put it to rest, knowing that it no longer serves you in this life. You are essentially exploring your past to heal your present! Or you might just be curious!

Now that you know the why, I will touch on the how :)

The first thing I want to tell you is there is nothing that you need to do to prepare for your session.

When you arrive we will sit down and have a relaxing chat over coffee or tea. When you are ready I will have you sit or recline in a comfortable position and begin to bring you into a deeply relaxed state. Once you are fully relaxed I will begin to guide you through a past life or lives that will benefit you the most to visit, moving you through a series of events that will be helpful for you to recall. Your time in deep relaxation will vary but it will last approximately one hour, at which time I will slowly guide you back to the present.

Once your are fully awake we can discuss your unique and eye opening experience.

You are most welcome to record your session on your phone or recording device. I also take notes for you to take with you (well...if you can read my writing lol)

This is an amazing and healing way to spend some you time. You may even wish to return and visit other past lives....or perhaps....the future.....;)

I hope this is helpful

Til next time,



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