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I can't wait to see what's next!

Hi everyone!

This has been quite a year for my family and I! It started with an idea, a seed planted last September, and grew from there! We were on a vacation, visiting family when my husband turned to me and said, maybe we should move here. Well, let me tell you.... that seed took root quickly and continued to grow!

In January, we contacted our realtor and told her of our plan. From there we packed and decluttered until we were ready to list. Things moved like a whirlwind. We sold in one day! Next on the agenda was to find our new place. So our realtor helped us find a realtor up here, and boy did he help us find our new home! We are so blessed to have worked with such awesome people!

Fast forward to June (and that's exactly how it felt lol) and here we are! Living our dream on St. Joseph's Island! Everyone we have met here has been friendly and welcoming, and we are lucky enough to have the technology to keep in touch with all our amazing friends down south (I can say that now!)

The future looks bright! I am so excited to see what's next!

Til next time, with love and light



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